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Rene’s back from DC all aglow

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Socialism – The New Buzzword

Posted: February 7, 2009 in Uncategorized

You know, Kevin Ross has a most interesting article about the lack of talk show hosts that are anything but whites, males and conservatives The reason I see danger in this situation is this: If you ear hustle Rush Limbaugh or other pundits, you will keep hearing President Obama being labeled with the term “Socialism.”

Here Americans are bailing out greedy corporations and dittoheads are mad because when the president, like most Americans, wants to limit the salaries of CEOs to a half million dollars, conservative hosts label that socialism. Average callers joined the fray without once thinking that all federal money has strings attached. That is not socialism, that is good common sense. Amd if they don’t want the limitation, go get bailed out from elsewhere.

We surely had some great kumbaya election and inauguration days but they are surely behind us now. In order to correct the mess the country is in the president seems so embattled. It reminds me of the movie Jerry Maguire “Help me help you.”